Wednesday - Tutorials

Introduction to the programming of GPUs and multi-core environements. Tutorial (morning) and a hands-on session (afternoon) will give the opportunity for less experienced participants to learn about the programmming paradigms.

08.00-08.45 registration
08.45-09.00 welcome
09.00-10.00 T. Stich (Nvidia) GPU Computing using CUDA C/C++ (1) [slides]
10.00-11.00 A. Heidekrüger (AMD) Introduction to OpenCL (1)
11.00-12.00 H. Pabst (Intel) Multithreading and SIMD Vectorization using Intel Cilk Plus (1) [slides]
lunch break
Hands-on sessions: Beginners Advanced
13.30-14.30 T. Stich (Nvidia) [slides] [code] (Room 3410) A. Heidekrüger (AMD) (Room 3413)
15.00-16.00 A. Heidekrüger(AMD) (Room 3413) H. Pabst (Intel) (Room 3410)
16.30-17.30 H. Pabst (Intel) [slides] [code] (Room 3413) T. Stich (Nvidia) (Room 3410)
19.00Dinner, Restaurant Landgrafen

Thursday - Workshop

09.00-09.45 registration
09.45-10.00 welcome
10.00-11.00 V. Volkov (University of California, Berkeley) Experience in accelerating numerical routines using GPUs [slides]
11.00-11.30 P. Zaspel (University Bonn) Two-Phase flows on massively parallel multi-GPU clusters [slides]
11.30-12.00 B. Brügmann (University Jena) Black hole on a GPU [slides]
lunch break
13.30-14.00 G. Zumbusch (University Jena) A functional approach to programming heterogeneous systems [slides]
14.00-14.30 H. Pabst (Intel) Case Study on Using Intel Parallel Building Blocks
14.30-15.00 M. Pfeiffer (University Jena) Simulating Shallow Water on GPUs [slides]
15.30-16.30 A. Klöckner (New York University) Discontinuous Galerkin, Python, and GPUs: a case study [slides]
16.30-17.00 B. Zink (University Tübingen) GPU Computing and Magnetar Instabilities [slides]
17.00-17.30 C. Dinh (TU Ilmenau/ Universitätsklinikum Jena) A GPU-accelerated MEG Online Source Localization [slides]

Friday - Workshop

09.00-10.00 C. Hölbling (University Wuppertal) Lattice QCD on GPUs using the CUDA library [slides]
10.00-10.30 M. Bussmann (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) A scalable implementation of the Particle-in-Cell Algorithm on GPU Clusters
11.00-11.30 M. Kielhorn (Kings College London / University Jena) Cuda-based Matlab toolbox
11.30-12.00 M. Tiglio (University of Maryland) Statistical constraints on binary black hole inspiral dynamics: large scale studies using GPUs [slides]