Project C1;     (2003 - 2010)

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Iterative Design of the Sensitivity Curve of Gravitational Wave Detectors

    Principal Investigators: H. Lück, K. Danzmann

The aim of this project is the analysis of synchronous tracking of signals from inspiralling binary systems in continuation of the work started in Project C1 in the last funding period. The signal from an inspiralling binary system of two compact objects spans a wide frequenc range over the whole inspiral process but only occupies a well predicted, narrow frequency space per unit of time for most of the event. Instead of using a detector with a stationary tuning we investigate the response if the tuning is changed during the inspiral event. When the tuning frequency of a signal recycled gravitational wave detector is suddenly changed the response of the interferometer can no longer be described by the steady state filter functions. We will develop a code for modelling the dynamical response of a dual recycled detector and compute the improvement of dynamical tuning in comparison to fixed-frequency detection. Furthermore we want to optimize the detection efficiency and parameter estimation accuracy for GEO HF (a series of sequential upgrades of GEO600 in the time frame 2007-2014) for likely interferometer configurations and for scientifically interesting sources in close cooperation with the GEO HF design team to weigh scientifically beneficial sensitivity curves against technical, financial and time constraints. The configurations considered include the injection of squeezed light, changing from detuned to tuned operation and a change from heterodyne readout to DC readout.


Former Associates
  Harald Lueck   Staff, PI 2007
  Dmitry Simakov   PostDoc, 2009


[1] The upgrade of GEO 600
H. Lück, C. Affeldt, J. Degallaix, A. Freise, H. Grote, M. Hewitson, S. Hild, J. Leong, M. Prijatelj, K.A. Strain, B. Willke, H. Wittel and K. Danzmann, submitted to J. Phys. Conf. Ser.

[2] The upgrade of GEO 600
H. Lück for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, MG12 conference proceedings

[3] DC-readout of a signal-recycled gravitational wave detector
, Class. and Quantum Grav., 26,5 , pp. 55012-55021(10), (2009)

[4] Phenomenological template family for black-hole coalescence waveforms
P. Ajith, S. Babak, Y. Chen, M. Hewitson, B. Krishnan, J. T. Whelan, B. Bruegmann, P. Diener, J. A. Gonzalez, M. Hannam, S. Husa, M. Koppitz, D. Pollney, L. Rezzolla, L. Santamaria, A. M. Sintes, U. Sperhake, and J. Thornburg, Class. Quantum Grav. 24, S689 (2007)


[5] Commissioning of advanced, dual-recycled gravitational-wave detectors: simulations of complex optical systems guided by the phasor picture,
M. Malec, PhD Thesis