Project C10;     (2011 - 2014)

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Coherent Quantum Noise Cancellation for Optomechanical Sensing and Gravitational Wave Detectors

    Principal Investigators: Michèle Heurs

In the new project C10 we will explore coherent feed-forward control for quantum noise cancellation (QNC) in optomechanical sensing. Quantum noise provides the limit to measurement precision in various physical systems ranging from atomic spin measurements, via displacement sensing in micro-optomechanical setups to gravitational wave detectors. Techniques for coherent quantum noise cancellation will allow to improve on and surpass these limitations. Our project will experimentally investigate QNC techniques in quantum optical systems. In tabletop experiments on interferometer subsystems - such as the laser system or suspended cavity mode cleaners - we will provide valuable results guiding the way to coherent control of gravitational wave detectors. We will explore generalisations and applications of QNC techniques which have been put forward in the context of interferometric displacement sensing. The research performed in this project will serve to enhance the sensitivity of next generation interferometric gravitational wave detectors.



  Michèle Heurs   Professor, PI 2011-2014
  Maximilian Wimmer   Phd Student, 2011-2014


[1] Coherent cancellation of backaction noise in optomechanical force measurements
M. H. Wimmer, D. Steinmeyer, K. Hammerer, M. Heurs, Phys. Rev. A 89 (5), 053836